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The number one online marketplace

Gurumagnet.com is an online ecommerce platform which offers sellers accounts for individuals, small, medium and large businesses.

List 1000 products at any given time

Merchants can sell 1000 products at any given time. Learn more about Gurumagnet.com monthly and per annum subscription models

Free shipping worldwide 

Gurumagnet offers bespoke shipping deals via its fulfillment services.

Dropshipping available 

Gurumagnet works with leading manufacturers and distributors to assist its merchants to become more efficient and profitable. Learn more about our sellers programme.

What people say about it

Gurumagnet.com has been the perfect partner in crime to assist me with selling online. I have achieved my weekly, monthly and yearly targets. I would recommend the service and platform to anyone considering selling online.

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Katie Hetherington

Like anyone out there, I was terrified to start selling online during the pandemic but Gurumagnet.com assisted me in creating a brand / product which would sell regularly and create profit.

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Mark Haworth


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